Some well-known brands have found a way to literally take their message on the road and go where their customers are, using pop-up shops. If you haven’t seen a pop-up shop before, these mobile displays promote a brand. In many cases, they provide a temporary venue for shopping or services. (Check out the Marmite pop-up shop I wrote about in 2009.) This pop-up shop from Adidas® caught my attention. The company uses its own packaging, with shoelaces creatively spilling out. It’s a fun, attractive display that leaves a lasting impression for those who visit. If your organization doesn’t have the budget to build and travel with a pop-up shop, you can get inspiration from an eye-catching display like this for your next trade show or event. The key is using a highly recognizable visuals rather than words to make a statement. To create a pop-up experience on a smaller scale, use table and floor displays to add dimension to any booth. For example, the ContourFit Curve Floor Display’s eye-catching graphics can be seen from a distance and draw customers to your booth.