Would you like to increase buzz about and, by extension, donations to your charity? Well, if that's the case, one way you can do is by providing your supporters with personalized promotional products, like tote bags, pens, T-shirts, mouse pads, drink cozies, and many others. One advantage to using these kinds of mementoes in the nonprofit domain is that you can use them to increase your income. It's all well and good to accept standard donations, or to get petitions from supporters. But it's another thing entirely if you can offer people the chance to purchase gifts for their loved ones. After all, in that case, they won't be purchasing the items because they support the cause, or because they feel an obligation to they're donating because they want to get Christmas and birthday gift. Plus, whereas a person might not have the money to give charities a donation, they'll likely still buy gifts for their social circles. A charity can step in to fill that gap.

These mementoes can also be helpful because they can help modernize a charity’s image. Some might see your organization as being a staid, unchanging group of people who no one really knows much about. However, by giving your supporters the possibility of purchasing personalized items, people will become more aware of what your organization does. They will think of you as the organization that does great things for the world, but which still manages to offer them cute, high quality gifts. Thanks to these items, you can build your brand and expand to new audiences, who come to your website not necessarily because they're interested in your charity, but because they’re interested in all the great products you offer them. These items will help your supporters remember not only your organization, but also the importance of your cause. They will remember that they need to keep fighting whenever they uncap a pen, pick up their key fob, or take a drink of coffee in the morning.

Another reason these mementoes are beneficial is because personalized items—while always a great option are a particularly excellent option for supporters of charity causes. This is because people like working together and supporting each other in when it comes to nonprofit issues. Someone might get a gift for, for instance, a friend who they met via the charity. But aside from that, such gifts can have a much more personal value as well: someone can purchase an item personalized with the name of a loved one who passed away because of, say, breast cancer or heart disease. These items provide the loved ones with a way of remembering those they've lost—as well as remind them of the importance of their journey to find the cure.

Ultimately, you should consider using personalized promotional items because they will help increase donations, they will help modernize your image and build your brand, and they serve as a way for people to remember their loved ones. Give it some thought today; it might be a great option for your charity or other nonprofit organization.